Edition IV

Hibah Shabkhez

Enigmatic, intrepid - a lament of absurdity, delivered in rigid mathematical language.


Edition IV

Courtney LeBlanc

Breath/death: a life told in that fine border between the most basic of functions.

Station, A
Goodbye to You

Edition IV

Shi Yang Su

A youthful, achingly crafted encounter, buried in the "unstoppable" and drenched in the pouring rain.

So you die someday and your soul soars to

Edition IV

Gale Acuff

A witty, rhetorical take on a child's answer to the age-old question of God and life after death.


Edition IV

German Piedrahita

Bold; stripped-down; understated. Examining the quiet discontent that daily life brings.


Edition IV

Jude Raed

A "janus paradox," or a jigsaw puzzle: how a tongue may split in half and give birth to creation.

People's tragedy

Edition IV

Christ Keivom

An ode to the pointless paradox of existence, or: how the dead provide the reason to keep living.

Late Night Transfer

Edition IV

Christian Garduno

Dynamic and provocative, a piece that tackles love at both ends - visceral and yet "cob-web thin."


Edition IV

Wallace Barker

A stream-of-consciousness collection of vignettes, all pointing towards a single conclusion about "the life of the world."

Year Of
The Other

Edition IV

Michael Igoe

As intimate as it is enigmatic. On performance, conversation, and the "junked autos" that serve as the witnesses.


Edition IV

Eli Dunham

At once visceral and surreal. On the intersection between tunnels, bones, and poems.

with Fever

Edition IV

Riley Danvers

A poem of extremes. On the paradoxical passion of parting, and learning to move on.