Edition IV

German Piedrahita

Bold; stripped-down; understated. Examining the quiet discontent that daily life brings.

Edition IV

Jude R.

A "janus paradox," or a jigsaw puzzle: how a tongue may split in half and give birth to creation.



Edition III

Howie Good

Remix of the last words of American mobster Dutch Schultz, 1903-1935.

San Francisco Strong

Edition III

Jordan Wilson-Dalzell

First published in Resuscitate. On heritage, trees, and matrilineal memory.



Poetry Edition

Savannah House

"What is your perfect day?" Sometimes, the world responds.

Joan of Arc Gives Me a Buzzcut or Lux Venit in Nomine Vocis

Poetry Edition

Anna Westwig

First published on Young Poets Network, The Poetry Society. "She is nineteen and a pillar of ash./I am seventeen and begging to catch flame."


Edition II

Grace Song

The embodiment of an old dusty breeze. There is memory in well-traveled soles.



Edition II

Ginger Anderson-Willis

A contribution from Cannes-awarded filmmaker Ginger Anderson-Willis. On moving on from adolescent love.


Edition I

Y. Hirano

From our executive editor. On the paradox of modernization: "We think the ceiling has risen as each millennium fades, only that the ground sinks beneath the weight of ideology."

Edition IV

Eli Dunham

At once visceral and surreal. On the intersection between tunnels, bones, and poems.

Edition IV

Riley Danvers

A poem of extremes. On the paradoxical passion of parting, and learning to move on.


Edition III

Maura Termite

Our first piece published in another language. Our favorite line: "and with a pirouette/I would come back to myself."

Point of


Edition III

Naomi Ash

"I was born upside down,/even then I hesitated." On birth, shoes, and ancestors.

the king leads the way

Poetry Edition

Tammy Bohlens

The king and his companion. A fairy tale, complete with 


The Hallowed Creek

Poetry Edition

Arjun Palkhade

Musings born from a shallow creek bed. On modernity, progress, and the passage of time.



Edition II

Savannah House

On identity, heritage, and the ways in which they define beauty. "You don't need red shoes."

Where the Wild Things Are

Edition I

Aliah Fabros

On growing up and embracing the "wild things." Inspired by Maurice Sendak's iconic picture book.



Edition I

Brandon Kim

From our editor-in-chief. A poet's parting: what does it mean to say goodbye?