Past Editions

Summer 2021

Our first edition featuring visual work. Exploring the driving tension between progress and stagnancy; ambition and memory; future and past.

YAWP Edition V Cover.png
YAWP Edition IV Cover-5.png
YAWP Edition III Cover.jpg

Winter 2021

Eclectic; diverse; international. Featuring a range of styles and one poem in both English and Italian.

YAWP Edition II Cover.png

Summer 2020

Methodical; nuanced.  Examining life's joys, sorrows, and existential turmoil.

YAWP Poetry Edition Cover.png

Autumn 2020

A mini-edition of poems compiling new and established writing. Fantastical; bold; halcyon.

YAWP Edition I Cover.png

Summer 2020

Bold, thought-provoking and deeply introspective; our debut edition.

Summer 2021

Taking aim at universal concepts - love, death, identity, religion - through a transformative, uplifting lens.