Edition VI

The Moon Through the Lens of a Galaxy


Dylan Win

Spectral, spacious; whole moon splashed across a canvas, carved into slices and shades.

snow moon


Jess Roses

An achingly crafted ode to poems too painful to read, silently exchanged "beneath the snow moon."

Dreaming about Stendhal: Ashes of roses, the tale of a disappearing grave and the Charterhouse of Parma


Rongili Biswas

A literary pilgrimage. On the line between nonfiction and fiction; reality and dream; a charterhouse and its double.

wildfire season


Anoushka Swaminathan

Witty and immediate, a layered song of smoke that slithers and fire that follows.


Visual Art

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Vibrant, youthful; a bustling collection of colliding abstractions.