Surveying Landscape in the Mourning

Uriah Howard Allis

Bury the gash
with gunpowder,
but do not light
the longing.

Lift the veil
beyond the pale,
and kiss the bride
there waiting

(a chandelier,
cakes on tiers,
vows housed

inside apartments
or maybe cities
or maybe villas
or maybe nowhere).

I can only think
of one word
for beauty.
That is enough—

anymore and
we would never
know what to call
a sunrise.

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Uriah Howard Allis, a queer twenty-one-year-old poet and nursing student from rural Western New York, has found pieces of his heart, mind, and soul escaping to the blank page ever since he could hold a pencil. He is the winner of the Alfred C. O’Connell Library’s 20th Student Poetry Content (2021). His poetry has been published by or is forthcoming from Active Muse, Ice Lolly Review, Eclipse Magazine, Moss Puppy Magazine, and Intangible Magazine. You can follow his journey on Instagram @uriahallis or