Salvator Mundi

Wallace Barker

All the life of the world
and how quickly it subsides.
The red-tailed hawk swooping
over the golf course is completely gone

off plastic cups of tequila
with fresh-pressed lime juice.
Completely wasted and laughing
smiling too wide and dizzy

driving my cart hard over rough stones
angering the course attendant and
the grey sky so dark even in midday
twilight all day disoriented rain drops

begin to fall then stop all at once as if unsure
or maybe just lacking necessary motivation.
I wrote a long email to my friend in Nebraska.
I had some kind of thesis about the world

being composed of posters and commenters.
My argument flagged before it could really
fall in sheets like the deluge paused on
a brink just beyond the horizon line.

A sponge violently wrung over the sink
all at once, then a damp gasp
settling into a cold afternoon.