Late Night Transfer

Christian Garduno

Your shoulders so bronze from the summer
make even Rodin so damn jealous
between will and right, alone in the night
between love of life & the downright blues
freedom is the great Awakener
after that, there is no choice
either you are aware or beware
Love will always go for the jugular

Animal games we play from here on out
the melting + sighing of human replication-
two mutes in the night, tumbling over the ribs of the country
after a while in the forest, the trees stand apart
& then there is no need to speak from the heart
just a stream of non-thought & a meadow so free
almost suddenly, a creek way off on the mossy side
we’ve become each other’s moment
scarcely breathing, hardly seeing
just your hot metal mouth
silent but not empty

Maybe some night you might think of an old love
& you can’t sleep
nevermind, the moment has passed once again-
the sun has replaced the frozen moon
the North Star has gone into hiding again
what strangeness it is between awake & asleep
in those one thousand years between dreams
when a cup of water seems to be the Oceans
& what I think is Awake is what you think is Asleep
We meet somewhere down the years, I think
in some sleepy silver dream--
& I wake up with your breath on me
it’s not such a day-dream crime
I’ve just left your window one last time
it’s only your curtain sway-
the scent again of you + me in the hay-
dream-memories only so cob-web thin