A Casual Error

Russ Bickerstaff

I didn’t really know what was going on at the time. I was too lost in processing some data. I was just doing my job. But then so were they. When they came in. They were really nice about it. And you couldn’t really hear the gun fire all that well. They were really silenced. Rental car off of a few vans. It’s kind of strange because they went through so efficient didn’t really even necessarily know anything about going wrong. And I was so deeply in sconce in my work and so completely lost in my own office I didn’t even realize what was going on. That is, until after it happened.
They were people would come in. They were cleaning up the place. There was my supervisor there on the ground. One spot it all over his face. Lifeless. And yes, I thought it was kind of disturbing. But that didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to continue to get work done. The cleanup crew was in their clean suits. They were making sure everything was completely scrubbed down. I just went back to the work that I absolutely needed to do. I was operating on a deadline. And I couldn’t afford to ask questions. I think it will be time for that later if indeed there was a reason to ask questions about it.
But then I guess at the end of my day has been completed as much work as I was going to complete, it occurred to me that I should probably check the rest of the office. It was, after all really quiet. Got up and I looked around and there was anybody there. Nobody at the copier. Nobody at the printer. Nobody at reception. Everybody was gone. So totally one guy who is still vacuuming. And it was the end of my day and I usually send suit goodbye to somebody at the end of the day. Even I’m really busy days right and actually clocked out anyway, there was always the girl at reception that I Harbor to secret crush on her either. Just this guy was vacuuming.
I was real nice about capping the guy on the shoulder. Explain to him that I didn’t know what happened. He had no idea either. He just went around cleaning up offices. Then he like to be the last person I will. Seems like a nice guy. He handed me a business card. It was a business card of the people who were responsible for having killed everyone in my office. There was a phone number and an address on it--a URL. And so I resolved to get things checked out the next day. I went home and had dinner and watched TV little bit of the book that I was reading and went to bed.
The next morning I got up and I showered and I did a little bit more reading and I head off to work. They got into the office and of course no one was there. No one except me and there was a whole pile of things that I had to do. But with no one having done anything for much of the previous day, my workload was a little bit heavier. So there was more to do. But there is a little bit of leeway and wants to get it done. It kind of did bother me that I was the only one in the office. The girl in reception wasn’t there. Neither was anyone else. It was actually kind of silent when I start to listen. Concerned about it.
I made sure to call the number. But I was on hold for long enough to provide a call back number that never came. I checked out the website. Messages but I’ve never gotten a response. Heard. Having all this work to do. Granted, it felt kind of strange feeling like it everyone else was slacking off when in fact if it wasn’t the case then I should’ve been killed too. I mean, it would’ve made perfect sense. I would’ve been exactly what they would’ve wanted. But they didn’t. I don’t know if I wasn’t marked for death or what. But They didn’t kill everyone else off in the office sell it only made sense that they really didn’t mean to kill me and I just didn’t see me in my office. A little little bit left out. And I didn’t really want to get a hold of me wanted to let them know that I was to realize that the job haven’t been totally completed. And then there was a case that I could just keep working at the office without anyone saying anything. I mean, it was getting very, very quiet at the office. I figured that I was going to need to do something about it.
Are the hours past into days which cast into weeks. I tried calling a couple more times. I tried emailing a couple more times. It really wasn’t a physical address for the organization efficiency company or whatever it was they decided to kill us all off. Or maybe it was upper management. I don’t know. Probably still responding to emails and questions from everybody else in the other branches. I always forgot to mention the fact that everybody else in the office was dead really came up. Not many of the conversations I’ve had with anyone else at the company online. I picked up a lot of work and so I was really busy. But they gave me a promotion. The head office. They were so happy with all the work that I was doing. Kind of strange trying to explain to them that I was doing so much more work because everyone else was dead.
They didn’t seem to really pay that much attention. I put in a few requests for further information from upper management. I really haven’t had any response. I’m not sure what to do about that either. I am the regional manager now. Because the entire region is headquartered out of this office and I am the only one working at it. I guess I’m kind of happy with that. But I keep waiting to hear someone come in. I keep expecting at some point someone’s going to come in and politely introduce themselves and just as to likely kill me. I suppose it’s only a matter of time. Somebody’s going to realize the error. But for now, I continue doing the work.