Frozen with Fever

Riley Danvers

Crystals fall from branches

laden with robes of ice,


shimmer in sunlight.

I should be happy here


among the trees and snow,

but instead I ache.


Instead I burn with

need for the love he will not give,


The man outside the car

Putting chains on the tires;


I ache for the love he withholds.

I need affection to feed


the communal parts of us, 

this bleeding marriage.


My mind is warm,

my body aflame,


the fever of empty spaces

turns me frigid.


I want to leave the car

and merge with snow


and trees, cool my soul,

freeze the bruises on my spirit.


I need more from him than I

will ever receive 


and now

must write myself into a


woman that will allow me

to leave.