2020 Poetry Collection


2020 has brought with it a whirlwind of change. From COVID-19 to the social reckoning that has come with the Black Lives Matter movement, young people have found themselves struggling to deal with what has been the most tumultuous period of our lifetimes.

YAWP is dedicated to providing a medium for the expression of these young voices. In accordance with our principles, we have thus decided to publish the 2020 Poetry Collection: a special section of our journal in which are published short poems addressing the myriad social and political developments of the past year. 

For this section, we have made sure to include alongside established writers, writers who may have not been published before, or who are still finding their footing in the literary world. We have invited writers who are angry about this country; or sad; or proud; or all of the above. We have invited these writers with the intent that their voices will be heard.

Georgia Iris-Szawaryn

The calm after the storm. Or maybe the storm after the calm. On living again after being stuck in time. 

Sophie Price

An ode to all that taken away by quarantine. A glimpse of a particularly beautiful August evening.

Naomi Ash

On identity as performance. "Men, women, and children/all rush in to see/what kind of girl will be on their tv."

Jordan Wilson-Dalzell

COVID-19: the lonely virus. How the vulnerable are the first to be sacrificed by the healthy.