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Poetry Edition

November 2020
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m a n i f e s t o


"light repeat staircase halcyon time tilting periwinkle dear contraband grown memory edge crown martyr broken"


In verbatim of our contributors,

each word in accordance with each writer.

m i s s i o n  

s t a t e m e n t



YAWP is a literary journal dedicated to cultivating the manifold voices of a modern generation. In this spirit, we seek to provide an open, free space for the unfettered expression of emerging young writing. 

Past and Future
2020 Poetry Collection

2020 has brought with it a whirlwind of change. From COVID-19 to the social reckoning that has come with the Black Lives Matter movement, young people have found themselves struggling to deal with what has been the most tumultuous period of our lifetimes.

YAWP is dedicated to providing a medium for the expression of these young voices. In accordance with our principles, we have thus decided to introduce the 2020 Poetry Collection: a special section of our journal in which will be published short poems addressing the myriad social and political developments of the past year. 

For this section, we again invite writers who may have not been published before, or who are still finding their footing in the literary world. We invite writers who are angry about this country; or sad; or proud; or all of the above. We promise that your voices will be heard.

Up to six poems can be submitted at a time, each no more than ten lines long. We invite contributors to also send work via our regular submissions, to be published in the main section of our journal.


Submissions Cycle

SUMMER ISSUE: April 1 –  May 31

FALL ISSUE: July 1 – August 30 


WINTER ISSUE: October 1 – November 30 


ANNUAL ISSUE: Publishes best pieces from throughout the year; no submissions accepted.


Selected work will be published in at least one of our three quarterly issues.


YAWP exercises a policy of freedom; pieces will not be censored. 

Regular Submissions

Poetry: up to six pieces at a time, no length limits

Fiction and Creative Nonfiction: up to two pieces at a time (for each genre), 3000 words or less

Drama/Screenplay: up to two pieces at a time, 3000 words or less

Preferably, pieces are in Times New Roman and 12 point font. This makes it easier to evaluate each submission. In addition, for each submission, the author's name and a title should be provided. If you prefer that we leave either of these components off the piece, let us know of that via email.



For any inquiries, please contact:

Los Angeles, CA 90230

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