July 15 - September 15


Edition V: Poetry

Uriah Howard Allis

On sunrises and weddings, or: how loss can beget an explosive, colorful kind of beauty. 

Edition V: Visual Art

Irina Novikova

Haunting, ephemeral; woolen wings framing a beating red heart.

Edition V: Fiction

Debasish Banerjee

On modernity and colonization: threatened with eviction, one aging barber comes to violent terms with a rapidly changing India.

Edition V: Fiction

Divyank Jain

Garish, vivid, haunting: a coming-of-age story, marred by assault and wrapped in darkness.

Edition V: Photography

KJ Hannah Greenberg

Life as watercolor: a photographed palette of blue sky, yellow sign, green grass, white cloud, and blurry yesterday.

Edition V: Poetry

Dee Allen

Resident, not architect: tales from a poverty-plagued street corner awash in bottom-up change.

Edition V: Fiction

Joshua Britton

On intimacy: when a professor tries to help his struggling students, where falls the line between concern and intrusion?

Edition V: Visual Art

Edward Michael Supranowicz

Bold and organic; a painting in which meaning coalesces around the intersection of shape, color, and pattern.

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